staying in touch

What they don’t tell you about thesis is how much reading it could be.  I’m serious.  I’ve gone from digital storytelling to interactive fiction to sceneography, to spectatorship vs. participant theory, to comics and now to storytelling in theater. I’ve read the Hollywood perspective on storytelling, the design perspective (via U practices), the game designer perspective, the NGO perspective…and there are tons more.

I think the key right now is simply immersion.  Just as I want to design interactive, immersive story worlds, I need to immerse myself in all aspects of storytelling in order to design my was into and out of the problem of the future of storytelling.

Okay, enough chatting. Back to reading.  And tinkering. Wait’ll I tell you about my interactive street of the future and the value fictions that are behind my crazy design driven narrative vs. narrative driven design independent study. You’ll flip. Seriously.



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