Designing experiences | conclusion of primary research

I’m back from the Storyworld 2011 conference in San Francisco.  11 days out from getting married and 38 days from research presentation. Not that I’m counting.

So in the last 4 months, I have mapped the transmedia space, breaking it down by types (franchising, marketing, native storytelling), listing projects, practitioners, methods, and goals.

I need to go back and add revenue models for each, because from what I learned at the conference, there really is no viable business model for native transmedia storytelling.  Another interesting takeaway from the conference was the need for interaction designers to design the interfaces of the future related to transmedia experiences.

My thesis is titled “Designing Transmedia Experiences | the future of storytelling.”  I am focusing less on the story, and more on the designed experiences between the tellers and the audiences.

I’m wrapping up my research, prepping for the poster session in December, and getting ready to sketch a story world and design a series of interactions between teller and audience to explore how participants will move from platform to platform using affordances and beats embedded within the story.  And I’ll be doing it until 2 am or so for the next month, in case anybody feels like calling late night.


One thought on “Designing experiences | conclusion of primary research

  1. Affordances and beats? … something to explore.

    Just a week-and-a-half till nuptials, eh? That’s great, man. I’m happy for you. You’re busy, so I won’t bug you outside of this comment, but all sincere best wishes to you and your beloved betrothed. Will Carver be in the wedding?

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