I’m a Masters in Design candidate in Interaction Design at Carnegie Mellon. Unless I really screw something up, I’ll graduate in May 2012. Then the goal is to move to Los Angeles for the weather, the bacon & avocado burgers at Howard’s, and a job working as a transmedia designer and storyteller. Like the great architect Reyner Banham, I love Los Angeles with a logic that defies all reason.

As a designer, I build  narrative systems for social engagement, critical/speculative design projects, and future storytelling concepts. My research focuses on transmedia storytelling as a design practice, VR/ARG geo-storytelling in urban spaces as a means to create more dynamic and connected neighborhoods, and a recasting of cities as AI/posthuman collective intelligent beings to promote civic pride and engagement.

That’s just a poor way of saying I’m interested in how technology and social media act as containers for experiences and vehicles by which people can create virtual “footprints” of experience to make stronger connections with their surroundings. I see story as the driving force of this geo-sensemaking and after I’m done with this thesis, I hope you will too. As spaces accrue meaning through embedded narratives, a city can be viewed as a technosocial hub for the collective intelligence and experience of its inhabitants. I ask the question how citizens might respond differently if they were to perceive their city as a living thing–one with a discernible pulse, with desires and dreams.


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